August 17, 2023

Lost in Translation

New Sermons Sanctification Episode:161Duration:28:35 Conversion Episode:160Duration:28:39 Repentance Episode:159Duration:28:32 Regeneration Episode:158Duration:28:41
July 11, 2023

This is Your Captain Speaking

New Sermons AMS_TLM_0167_NTVENG_ARAST_LOGO Episode:167Duration:28:18 Sardis: The Walking Dead Episode:166Duration:28:19 Thyatira: Failing the Tolerance Test Episode:165Duration:28:17 Smyrna: Grace Under Pressure Episode:163Duration:28:16
March 28, 2023

Who is your One?

New sermons Looking out for number one Episode:154Duration:28:57 One on one Episode:147Duration:28:37 The one that matters Episode:1Duration:28:15
March 28, 2023

What say You?

New sermons What life am I going to live? Episode:144Duration:28:57 What Lord am I going to love? Episode:143Duration:28:57 What legacy am I going to leave? Episode:142Duration:28:57
March 28, 2023

Family Ties

New sermons Poster Child Episode:153Duration:28:29 Father Figure Episode:151Duration:28:31 Here comes the bride Episode:150Duration:28:26 Love and Marriage Episode:148Duration:28:32
July 25, 2022

Red Sea Moments

New Sermons- James Merritt Red Sea Moments – Part 8 Knowing GodEpisode:8Duration:28:11 Red Sea Moments – Part 7 Idol Hands, Devil's Workshop Episode:7Duration:28:13 Red Sea Moments – Part 6 Mountain Top Meetings Episode:6Duration:28:13 Red Sea Moments – Part 5 Episode:5Duration:28:13 Red Sea Moments – Part 4 Episode:4Duration:28:13 Red Sea Moments – Part 3 When Your Back is Against the WallEpisode:3Duration:28:13 Red Sea Moments – Part 2 When Your Back is Against the Wall Episode:2Duration:28:13 Red Sea Moments – Part 1 Miracle in the Mirror Episode:1Duration:28:01
July 25, 2022


New Sermons- James Merritt Playlist – Part 2 Sin SickEpisode:2Duration:28:37 Playlist – Part 1 Here, There, And EverywhereEpisode:1Duration:28:41
July 25, 2022

First Name Basis

New Sermons- James Merritt First Name Basis – Part 2 Heavenly GuideEpisode:2Duration:28:47 First Name Basis – Part 1 Divinely HumanEpisode:1Duration:28:49
July 6, 2022

Unbelievable-A Series on Ephesians

New Sermons- James Merritt Unbelievable: A Series on Ephesians – Part 7 Episode:7Duration:29:23 Unbelievable: A Series on Ephesians – Part 6 Episode:6Duration:29:15 Unbelievable: A Series on Ephesians – Part 5 Keep it TogetherEpisode:5Duration:28:25 Unbelievable: A Series on Ephesians – Part 4 Direct ConnectEpisode:4Duration:29:02 Unbelievable: A Series on Ephesians – Part 3 Episode:3Duration:28:50 Unbelievable: A Series on Ephesians – Part 2 Episode:2Duration:28:59 Unbelievable: A Series on Ephesians – Part 1 You Talking About Me?Episode:1Duration:28:53
July 6, 2022

The X Factor

New Sermons- James Merritt The X Factor – Part 3 لست أستحيEpisode:3Duration:28:41 The X Factor – Part 2 Who's Your One?Episode:2Duration:28:41 The X Factor – Part 1 I Couldn't Care MoreEpisode:1Duration:28:32
July 6, 2022

Seeing Red

New Sermons- James Merritt Seeing Red – Part 5 Coming BackEpisode:5Duration:28:23 Seeing Red – Part 3 Catching UpEpisode:3Duration:28:23 Seeing Red – Part 2 Calling OutEpisode:2Duration:28:24 Seeing Red – Part 1 Cleaning HouseEpisode:1Duration:28:09
July 6, 2022

Right Turn

New Sermons- James Merritt Right Turn – Part 3 Forever RightEpisode:3Duration:28:41 Right Turn – Part 2 Die RightEpisode:2Duration:28:38 Right Turn – Part 1 Forever RightEpisode:1Duration:28:34