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December 20, 2023

Facing the Truth

New Sermons Model Marriage Episode:171Duration:29:01 Wed Before Bed Episode:170Duration:28:48
November 7, 2023

Ligonier Ministries

New Sermons بناء كاتدرائيَّة القديس بطرس Episode:92Duration:22:19 اختبار البرج Episode:91Duration:23:11 َهْيَه- ذاتيَّةُ وُجودِ اللَّهِ Episode:87Duration:23:25 المحبة الثابتة Episode:55Duration:24:02 الاقتداء بمحبة الله Episode:54Duration:24:53 نظرة البروتستانت للتبرير Episode:43Duration:21:42 النظرة الكاثوليكيَّة للتبرير (الجزء الثاني) Episode:42Duration:23:01 النظرة الكاثوليكيَّة للتبرير الجزء الأول) Episode:41Duration:22:30Load More
October 31, 2023

The JESUS You May Not Know

New Sermons Is He King of the Jews or King of Kings Episode:770Duration:28:30 Is He Past or Is He Present Episode:769Duration:28:30 Is He the Son of Mary or the Son of God? Episode:763Duration:28:30 Is He from History of from Eternity? Episode:761Duration:28:30
August 17, 2023

Lost in Translation

New Sermons Sanctification Episode:161Duration:28:35 Conversion Episode:160Duration:28:39 Repentance Episode:159Duration:28:32 Regeneration Episode:158Duration:28:41
July 11, 2023

This is Your Captain Speaking

New Sermons AMS_TLM_0167_NTVENG_ARAST_LOGO Episode:167Duration:28:18 Sardis: The Walking Dead Episode:166Duration:28:19 Thyatira: Failing the Tolerance Test Episode:165Duration:28:17 Smyrna: Grace Under Pressure Episode:163Duration:28:16
March 28, 2023

Who is your One?

New sermons Looking out for number one Episode:154Duration:28:57 One on one Episode:147Duration:28:37 The one that matters Episode:1Duration:28:15
March 28, 2023

What say You?

New sermons What life am I going to live? Episode:144Duration:28:57 What Lord am I going to love? Episode:143Duration:28:57 What legacy am I going to leave? Episode:142Duration:28:57
March 28, 2023

Family Ties

New sermons Poster Child Episode:153Duration:28:29 Father Figure Episode:151Duration:28:31 Here comes the bride Episode:150Duration:28:26 Love and Marriage Episode:148Duration:28:32
February 7, 2023

The World of the End

New sermons In the World of the End, Be Determined Episode:890Duration:28:09 In a World of Bad News, Be the Good News Episode:889Duration:22:54 In a World of Lawlessness, BE KIND Episode:888Duration:27:52 In a World of Betrayal, BE FAITHFUL Episode:887Duration:28:07 In a World of Persecution, BE PREPARED Episode:886Duration:28:23 In a World of Disasters, BE CONFIDENT Episode:885Duration:28:21 In a World of War, BE CALM Episode:884Duration:27:35 In a World of Deception, BE HONEST Episode:883Duration:27:59Load More
February 1, 2023

Happiness in You

New Sermons Happiness is in You – Part 8 Blessings Through PersecutionEpisode:8Duration:20:53 Happiness is in You – Part 7 Being a PeacemakerEpisode:7Duration:23:09 Happiness is in You – Part 6 Happy are the Pure in HeartEpisode:6Duration:21:33 Happiness is in You – Part 5 Showing Mercy and GraceEpisode:4Duration:23:14 Happiness is in You – Part 4 Episode:4Duration:23:36 Happiness is in You – Part 3 Standing Strong in the Face of DifficultyEpisode:3Duration:23:32 Happiness is in You – Part 2 Joy Sometimes Comes Through MourningEpisode:2Duration:23:10 Happiness is in You – Part 1 The Key to Experiencing HappinessEpisode:1Duration:23:21
November 29, 2022

Christ Above All

New Sermons Christ Above All – Part 10 Paul and His FriendsEpisode:880Duration:28:30 Christ Above All – Part 9 Christian CommunicationEpisode:879Duration:28:30 Christ Above All – Part 8 The Christian HouseholdEpisode:878Duration:28:29 Christ Above All – Part 7 The Christian’s Dress CodeEpisode:877Duration:28:30 Christ Above All – Part 6 What It Means to Be In ChristEpisode:876Duration:28:30 Christ Above All – Part 5 BewareEpisode:875Duration:28:30 Christ Above All – Part 1 Singing the Praises of the UnsungEpisode:871Duration:28:30
November 29, 2022

It Is Supernatural

New sermons It Is Supernatural – Part 6 Experiencing the Supernatural Power of GodEpisode:2135Duration:22:35 It Is Supernatural – Part 5 Submitting to GodEpisode:2134Duration:23:31 It Is Supernatural – Part 4 Declaring The Good NewsEpisode:2133Duration:22:47 It Is Supernatural – Part 3 Experiencing RestorationEpisode:2132Duration:22:33 It Is Supernatural – Part 2 Opening Your Eyes to VictoryEpisode:2131Duration:22:17 It Is Supernatural – Part 1 Experiencing Divine Intervention Episode:2130Duration:21:25