December 15, 2019

The Honor to Be Dishonored: Rejoicing Even in Our Trials

Many Christians in the United States are finding it difficult to live out their faith. In a recent Barna study, 60 percent of American evangelicals reported experiencing opposition from their surrounding culture. As societal values and morality have shifted, these …

January 15, 2019

Five Truths to Invigorate Your Prayer Life – Michael Youssef

Have you been praying for the salvation of a friend, neighbor, or family member? Maybe God has placed several people on your heart, calling you to intercede and share the love of Christ. It is an awesome privilege to participate …

December 24, 2018

A Seat at God’s Table – Michael Youssef

Your spouse hangs up the final garland, the smell of gingerbread floats in from the kitchen, and the doorbell chimes for the final time as the last guests arrive.
Your whole family is there, ready to start the Christmas celebration. …

November 15, 2018

Breaking the Idol of Entertainment – Michael Youssef

You aimlessly unlock your smartphone for the what might be the millionth time today and scroll through your Facebook feed. After twenty minutes you ask yourself, “What was I even looking for?” Then later in the evening you finally sit …

August 1, 2018


In today’s world and even in many of our churches, grace is no longer amazing; it is boring, just as J. I. Packer has diagnosed: “The thought [of grace] means nothing to them; it does not touch their experience at …

July 14, 2018

COSTLY GRACE – Michael Youssef

What does it mean to be a Christian? Does church attendance qualify you to be a Christian? Is it enough to own a Bible or to come from a Christian family? Although our culture would have us believe that Christianity …